Job ID:  26100838

Company:  American Crystal Sugar Company

Application Type:  Seeking Full-time (post graduate opportunities), Seeking Part-time (non-Co-op/Intern

Job Title:  Electronic Control Technician

Description:  Responsible for installing, calibrating, troubleshooting and maintaining control instrumentation systems for beet and sugar processing systems. Technician will install control networks and program the Delta V and RS III distributive control software including other associated hardware. Optimize the performance of control loops to ensure the efficient operation of the various processing systems. Work closely with Operations gaining a detailed understanding of operating parameters ensuring that maintenance interventions are both appropriate and effective. Advise Operations of process adjustment so the operating practices can be adjusted correspondingly. Ensure production equipment is properly configured and/or set up for desired control and feedback. Performs mechanical installations, repairs, and adjustments.

Application Instructions:
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