Job ID:  26132765

Company:  Fair Hills Resort

Application Type:  Seeking Co-op/Intern

Job Title:  Recreation Director Internship - Summer 2019 - On Site Housing Available

Description:  This internship will focus on the planning and execution of daily guest & staff activities and is geared toward a college student pursuing a degree in Recreation Management or Hospitality & Tourism Management. The intern would report directly to both the Recreation Director & Human Resources Director. Fair Hills facilitates daily activities for its 150-250 guests. We also hire around 120 staff for each season, 30 of which are international students from around the world. Responsibilities would include, but not be limited to, organizing trips & activities for international staff, planning annual summer events for all staff, facilitating weekly guest events and being an on-site contact for all events. Intern must have good interpersonal communication skills, a positive personality, and be quick to learn information important for guests and staff. This internship will provide emphasis on the following skills: organizing detailed events, coordinating large groups, and promoting guest and staff relations. Eligible for Bonus Program: Earn up to $1.00 per hour additional. Staff Housing is $12.00 per day includes 3 meals daily.

Application Instructions:
To apply, please download the application from our website, Completed applications can be sent via email or mailed to Caitlin’s attention; or PO Box 6, Detroit Lakes, MN 56502.