Job ID:  26296380

Company:  Minnesota School Boards Association

Application Type:  Seeking Full-time (post graduate opportunities)

Job Title:  Superintendent - Staples-Motley

Description:  Staples-Motley seeks a superintendent of strong character someone with a focus on building and maintaining a positive school district culture and academic success. The school board is committed to finding a candidate who: has a proven ability to BUILD trusting relationships with staff, parents, community, other educational institutions, governmental agencies, and legislators to enhance services and develop support for the school district is an inspiring visionary and collaborative consensus-builder and decision maker can seek input from others in a proactive and transparent manner that BUILDs trust and respect from others is a strong leader who can motivate others, set high expectations, make difficult decisions, have excellent follow through, delegate appropriate authority, and hold others accountable while BUILDing a cohesive and effective leadership team values and supports student activity and fine arts programs designed to enhance student achievement and BUILD community involvement and support and is a fiscally responsible leader who will help BUILD a course of financial stability and fiscal accountability, and who is adept at exploring creative ways to support education programs.

Application Instructions:
MSBA uses an online application process. Applicants begin the application process at To be considered for this position, an applicant’s completed file must be received by the MSBA office by 11:59 p.m. on January 14, 2019, and must include the completed online application and the following uploaded documents: a cover letter indicating a desire to be a candidate for the Staples-Motley superintendency; legal proof or other evidence (i.e., certificate/license) showing the candidate’s qualification to be a superintendent in the state of Minnesota; and a set of up-to-date credentials, which includes a current resume, at least three letters of recommendation, and a copy of the candidate’s official transcript(s) (upon hire, originals must be submitted to the school district). Please contact Sandy Gundlach, MSBA Search Consultant, at or 507-934-2450, ext. 128 with any questions.