Job ID:  26298894

Company:  Sanford Health

Application Type:  Seeking Full-time (post graduate opportunities)

Job Title:  Research Assistant - Neurology

Description:  JOB SUMMARY Under specific direction, assists other research invbestigators by performing basic research and experimentation following established protocols. Performs routine lab and equipment maintenance, such as cleaning glassware, counter tops, and equipment. May be responsible for calibration of instruments. Sets-up and operates various scientific apparatus. Assists with research projects as directed. Properly documents procedural actions as well as results. Reads current literature as directed by senior research investigator(s). Possesses a basic level knowledge of laboratory procedures. Works under close supervision of more senior researchers with little or no latitude for independent judgment. Demonstrates time management and organizational skills. Exhibits good communication and interpersonal skills. Possesses a working knowledge and use of basic computer programs, such as MSWord and Excel. POSITION RESPONSIBILITIES Adapts documents and presentations for the intended audience. Coaches others on leveraging their strengths in one environment and applying them to another. Communicates effectively with diverse audiences, using appropriate media and language. Contributes as a member on a variety of teams. Demonstrates the ability to maintain focus on a regular basis and to promote habits that improve focus. Describes the impact of the organization on the community and the environment. Influences key individuals inside and outside own group and earns their respect. Maintains sense of commitment to success, personal achievement and satisfaction. Marks progress toward achieving the vision at key milestones and special events. Plans, estimates, staffs, organizes and monitors a set of projects within a program. Shifts focus among several efforts as required by changing priorities. Works with capital budgets, operating budgets and cash budgets. DEPARTMENT DETAILS Additional department details are not required at this time. QUALIFICATIONS High school diploma or equivalent required. Six months to a year of related research experience preferred.

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