Job ID:  26321605

Company:  Sanford Health

Application Type:  Seeking Part-time (non-Co-op/Intern

Job Title:  Food Service Assistant

Description:  JOB SUMMARY The Food Service Assistant is responsible for certain duties including, but not limited to, monitoring and recording proper temperature of food, setting up and maintaining a clean and sanitized serving area, preparing and serving food items, restocking food areas, cleaning and sanitizing equipment, receiving payment for food and beverages using a computerized register and other related responsibilities. Complies with Hazardous Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) guidelines for food service. Provides outstanding customer service and effectively communicates with patrons and co-workers. Demonstrates ability to establish effective working relationships. Maintains quality control standards. May operate equipment such as, but not limited to, grills, beverage machines, toasters, ice cream dispensers, cash registers, computerized cash registers, steam equipment, dishwashers, telephones, refrigerators and freezers. Preferably, displays experience working in the food industry. Possesses ability to work independently when necessary. Possesses an understanding of food safety and sanitation processes. Demonstrates ability to be on feet for the majority of the day and walk far distances. POSITION RESPONSIBILITIES Cites the cost and benefits of good versus poor customer service. Completes current work according to assigned priorities. Creates action plans that ensure the accomplishment of responsibilities. Demonstrates the ability to speak, write and present clearly. Exhibits interest in new ideas and experimentation. Explains own role and responsibility within team. Handles, prepares and stores food according to food safety guidelines. Lists main utensils and equipment used during food distribution. Performs sanitation practices for food preparation area. Utilizes specific approaches and tools for checking and cross-checking outputs. DEPARTMENT DETAILS This position will work as needed. QUALIFICATIONS Depending upon location of hire, Serv Safe may be required to obtain within a designated time frame. CPR may be required depending upon location requirements. Minimum of 16 years of age. Previous customer service experience, retail counting and reconciliation of money and knowledge of food service preferred. Possesses ability to read, write and follow oral and written directions. Ability to perform basic math. On-the-job training will be provided.

Application Instructions:
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