Job ID:  26325673

Company:  Meddeas

Application Type:  Seeking Full-time (post graduate opportunities)

Job Title:  Work Experience in Spain – Language Assistants in Private Schools

Description:  Are you a last-year student or recent graduate looking for a valuable professional experience in Spain? The application period to become a Language Assistant in a Spanish private school is now open: Receive a monthly pay, TEFL-related training (paid by the program), and ongoing in-country support. This is a serious and structured program with no fees, which enables participants to teach English in Spain and gain international experience. Important Dates - Deadline: candidates are encouraged to apply ASAP or at least before March 1st - Program length (academic year in Spain): Sept./Oct. 2019 to May/June 2020 When I tell people, I spent my past year teaching English in Spain, the reactions are always positive. Of course, it is an impressive feat to list on your resume. Employers understand the importance of life skills that can only be acquired from leaving the comforts of your home town, not to mention your home country, in exchange for an adventure. Additionally, the independence and professionalism gained from working through a private agency as a representative of your country and language is remarkable, Thais M., Boston College (US) Don't miss out on our participants' testimonials on the Meddeas Language Assistants' blog. Join us for news and updates on Facebook and Youtube. Doubts? Interested? Send an email to questions Highlights: - Monthly stipend: 880-930 ( 430-480 when housing is included) - Lodging options: independent housing or full board accommodation with a volunteer host family - University course included (compulsory) - More than 200 schools all over Spain - Different programs adapted to the experience and background of the candidate: there is, for example, a specific program for Education graduates and another one for graduates of other degree subjects The Role of a Language Assistant During one academic year, participants will teach 20 hours a week in one of the 200 schools Meddeas works with. A Language Assistant is a native-level speaker of English, French or German, who supports the school s language teachers and helps students with conversation practice. The tasks differ from the ones in a teaching assistant role and include encouraging oral practice of the foreign language explaining the culture of their home country helping in other subjects such as science, art, P.E. acting as a role model for correct pronunciation and grammar and collaborating with teaching staff in creating teaching materials and planning lessons. After one year teaching English abroad, Language Assistants add transferable skills to their CVs, such as public speaking, language skills, creativity, team working, topic preparation, patience, maturity, autonomy, and cultural awareness. Main Perks of the Program - Professional placement in a Spanish school, teaching 20 hours per week - Certified course given by a Spanish university and paid by the program - Guaranteed monthly allowance, more than enough to live in Spain as a young professional - Spanish public healthcare coverage - Help opening a bank account - Program run by a serious and professional organisation - Ongoing in-country support from the school s tutor and from Meddeas - Initial training and teaching workshops - Certificate of completion at the end of the program - Children aged two to eighteen. Learners' English levels range from beginner to advanced - Paid school holidays (except for the summer period) - No fees attached Desirable candidate profile: - Native-level English speaker - Recent graduates (last four years) OR last-year university students - No previous teaching experience needed (but valued) - Someone who enjoys working with children and/or young people - Energetic and creative - Competence in the Spanish language is not required - No criminal records Doubts? Interested? Send an email to questions

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