Job ID:  26375683

Company:  Montana Schools Recruitment Project

Application Type:  Seeking Full-time (post graduate opportunities)

Job Title:  School Psychologist- Poplar School District

Description:  Salary: Negotiable Closing Date: 2019-20 School Year Job Description: School Psychologist REPORTS TO: Director of Special Education Essential Functions: *Responsible for providing psycho-educational services to referred students. *Participates in multi-disciplinary referral meetings. *Determines appropriate placement with the multi-disciplinary team and contribute to the development of IEPs. *Assists in Child Find testing activities. *Provides consultative services to provide information regarding learning style, classroom management, and behavior modification to enhance student achievement. *Provides confidential information to the teacher/principal when deemed to be in the student s best interest. *Provides consultative services to parents as necessary. *Responsible for individual or group short-term counseling. *Makes recommendations regarding outside counseling sources. *Counsels parents as to how to most effectively deal with their child s specific behavioral and emotional needs. *Document parent contact, counseling sessions, and classroom interventions. *Participates in vocational planning for special education students. *Only minimum duties are listed. Other functions may be required as given or assigned. Benefits include: $1,500 signing bonus and Health Insurance-employee pays $75.00 a month with HRA card at $6,100 which applies to deductible.

Application Instructions:
If you should have any questions please contact Patricia Black 768-6844 for job details and for application process/housing availability contact District Secretary Jenna Haugen 768-6601.