Job ID:  26398392

Company:  Noon Elite Recruitment

Application Type:  Seeking Full-time (post graduate opportunities)

Job Title:  Travel Placement Teach English In China Scheme (Beijing And Across China)

Description:  Calling All Graduates Wanting To Have A Lot Of Life Experiences In A Small Space Of Time Travel and explore life in China and get paid a great salary and job perks for doing it. This position is working for a top training school in Beijing, the capital of China. In a 12 month placement teachers will have work experience in far east asia and an opportunity to speak Chinese to conversation level (HSK grade 4). This position is a great foundation year to combine a years travel with an introduction to the Chinese culture through a reputable employer. As China plays a growing role on the world stage a wide range of graduate employers value these Chinese language skills and work experience. Where Will I Be Based? The school is a private training school in Beijing where students go to learn extra curricular English. The students are aged 4-18. Your role as a foreign teacher is to be one of a team of English teachers, working alongside Chinese colleagues to provide interactive lessons with an objective to allow students to apply their English language vocabulary and sentence patterns learned from Chinese English teachers. Lessons are high energy and active, using a wide range of teaching aids. What Job Will I Be Doing? Co-founded by Beijing Foreign Studies University and FLTRP in July, 2010, E-PLUS for K-12 BFSU is under the direct leadership of School of International Education. E-PLUS for K-12 BFSU designs a growing path for 4 -18 year-olds by providing courses that build up their competence in three areas: foreign language academic skills social activities E-Plus has developed a style of its own in the field of domestic K-12 education and aims to prepare students to cope with a cross-cultural environment from both national and global perspectives. In this position both salary and accommodation is included and provided by the employer school. As a teacher you will work up to 40 hours per week. This includes up to 80 teaching hours per month, an average maximum of just under 22 class hours per week. On average, teachers will spend approximately 20 hours per week in the classroom. Sounds Good But I'm Not A Teacher Nor Have Any Experience. Can I Still Apply? The beauty of these positions is that no prior experience is required as full training, support and assistance will be given. Prior to your position beginning, your employer will assist you in an online 120 hour TEFL training course as a foundation to experience and build your teaching skills in the classroom. But I Can't Speak Chinese. Does This Matter? Actually contrary to popular belief many Chinese schools prefer teachers with no prior Chinese language skills. This is to help ensure classes are only delivered in English, enabling a fully immersive teaching environment for chinese students. What Qualifications And Skills Do I Need For This? You must speak English to native level You must have a Bachelor degree or above You must be passionate to work in a classroom environment This Position Is In China, What Visa Requirements Are There For The Working Visa? To qualify for the position candidates will need to satisfy the official requirements set by the chinese immigration authorities for a working visa for English teachers. Candidates that hold full nationality of any of the following countries are currently eligible: United States of America United Kingdom Republic of Ireland Canada South Africa (additional visa steps currently required) Australia New Zealand Do I Get Added Support, Security And Protection From An Agency Based In The West? Included in the position is full assistance form Noon Elite Recruitment ensuring full visa assistance prior to the placement, full support during and careers assistance and suggestions following the placement on your return home. What Does This Position Open Up For My Career? This position would be an ideal placement to get a real taste for China and build solid foundations in continuing a business relationship with China be that from continued education or pivoting into a different sector. A turbo booster to your CV with the important bonus of travelling all around the world first hand.

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