Job ID:  26401595

Company:  Art in Tanzania

Application Type:  Seeking Co-op/Intern, Seeking Full-time (post graduate opportunities), Seeking Part-time (non-Co-op/Intern

Job Title:  Corporate Social Responsibility in Africa

Description:  Summary Art in Tanzania and its partners work with the Tanzanian corporate and government institutions to develop Corporate Social Responsibility issues. These topics also include Climate Change action. Details In the Western world private citizens social responsibility is commonly well recognized and introduced in school curriculums and public advocacy programs. In Tanzania, the private citizen's social responsibility is poorly known and the public in common do not know about climate change as well. Corporate policies are not seriously including social responsibility issues. At the same time, Tanzania is one of the countries where climate change is strongly affecting the agriculture-based economy. This program is to advocate the schools and public in common about social responsibility and to take the Tanzanian business community to help us to deliver the message in the schools. We are developing new media platforms as the Rolling Stories to advocate, give visibility and for therapeutic means 1519131326051 This program is a cross-cutting focus where students of different professions can attend and work together. We work as a team managed by Art in Tanzania academic level team leaders. The tasks include topics as advocacy work in the schools, developing corporate social responsibility approach, producing advocative media and visibility and similar tasks. Paid internships include a local minimum wage/stipend of $100 USD per month. We also offer stipends depending on the terms of the internship and regulations of your home university. Starting and end dates are flexible and can accommodate other travel arrangements in Tanzania. International flights, Student permit, accommodation, and meals are personal costs. We also offer participants with disabilities personal assistants and drivers at additional expenses $30 USD per week. 24-hour general assistance is free. You and your visiting friends can enjoy sustainable tourism, safaris, and local tour options at low cost. To book you in and to open your personal account we need your tentative arrival and departure dates. Contact us for more details at info artintanzania.orgor visit us at www.artintanzania.orgor SKYPE with us at infoartintanzania. Application: Terms: Facebook page: Blog: Twitter: Linkedin: Pinterest: Instagram: YouTube:

Application Instructions:
Please fill in the application form at AND/OR email to Please include Cover Letter, Resume/CV and unofficial study transcript. You can also SKYPE at infoartintanzania