Job ID:  26401600

Company:  Art in Tanzania

Application Type:  Seeking Co-op/Intern, Seeking Full-time (post graduate opportunities), Seeking Part-time (non-Co-op/Intern

Job Title:  Environmental Sustainability in Africa

Description:  Summary Art in Tanzania is introducing and implementing environmentally friendly solutions for the Tanzanian communities as use of dry toilets, composting and household water reuse. We also focus on eco construction and planting bamboo as eco-friendly solution for construction material. We also emphasize the sustainable tourism operations. Details Tanzanian communities are lacking economic strength to implement environmentally friendly solutions in their households. Presently less than 50% of the households have a toilet. Interns are developing sustainable and affordable solutions including a dry toilet for households and schools. Other green work includes developing composts, sustainable sources for cooking heat, development of tree and bamboo nurseries as well as neighborhood education and advocacy. A local source of funding and sustainability for Art in Tanzania are wildlife safari and other tourism operations. We are developing a NGO business model to streamline revenue back into communities. We are developing more opportunities to expand our field of international volunteering and internships to empower our work in Tanzania. Though we believe that most of the value in our internships come from the hands on experience and opportunities, we offer both paid and non-paid internships. The working hours are 6-8 hours per day from Monday to Friday. This is ongoing program and we can adjust the starting dates. Paid internships include a local minimum wage of $100 USD per month. We also offer stipends depending on the terms of the internship and regulations of your home university. Starting and end dates are flexible and can accommodate other travel arrangements in Tanzania. International flights, work permits, accommodation, and meals are personal costs. We also offer participants with disabilities personal assistants and drivers at additional expenses $30 USD per week. 24- hour general assistance is free. Contact us for more details at info Contact us for more details at info or SKYPE with us at infoartintanzania. Web: Application: Terms: Facebook page: Blog: Twitter: Linkedin: Pinterest: Instagram: YouTube:

Application Instructions:
Please fill in the application form at AND/OR email to Please include Cover Letter, Resume/CV and unofficial study transcript. You can also SKYPE at infoartintanzania