Job ID:  26414266

Company:  AgCountry Farm Credit Services

Application Type:  Seeking Full-time (post graduate opportunities)

Job Title:  Associate Internal Controls Auditor

Description:  MAJOR RESPONSIBILITIES Assist in the conducting of consistent and thorough reviews of AgCountry internal controls and risk identification. Work to identify control deficiencies and process weaknesses and their causes. Assist in the evaluation of adequacy and compliance to best practices, processes and procedures used to identify and manage risk in the association loan portfolio, financial control environment and its affiliates. Assist in providing quality reviews of AgCountry s finance systems, technology systems, fraud protection/mitigation, operations and administrative services. Assist in the evaluation of compliance with accounting guidance, control requirements, policy, procedures, and regulations regarding asset/liability management, funding, cash management, accounting practices, and internal controls. Assist in assessing the accuracy, timeliness, efficiency, and consistency of data within AgCountry information systems, including loan accounting, customer information, and internal accounting. Review includes system controls, data input, reporting and end use. Learn to assess compliance with financial regulations and controls by testing assigned control areas. Learn to assess risks and adequacy of internal controls by identifying areas of non-compliance evaluating manual and automated processes identifying process weaknesses, inefficiencies, and operational issues. Support AgCountry board and management by ensuring regulatory compliance. Assist in the evaluation of compliance with all relevant laws and regulations pertaining to borrower rights, prohibited acts, consumer lending, financial reporting, HR management, amount others. Work with other members of the audit team to support overall achievement of department goals and objectives. Develop and maintain personal and professional skills. Develop a strong working knowledge of accounting guidance, including guidance regarding internal controls, AgCountry products and services, technology, and accounting practices. Learn overall knowledge of the policy and procedures, and regulatory standards and guidance. Complete internal audits in accordance with the IIA International Professional Practices framework and the AICPA Code of Professional Conduct. REQUIRED KNOWLEDGE & EXPERIENCE Bachelor s degree in business, economics, finance, accounting or related field Ability to learn how to critically evaluate and analyze financial information, operational risk, fraud risk, and control processes as related to audit scope Knowledge of accounting and finance principles Excellent oral and written communication skills Strong interpersonal and negotiation skills Sound judgment Ability to maintain confidentiality

Application Instructions:
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