Job ID:  26416813

Company:  Libby School District #4

Application Type:  Seeking Full-time (post graduate opportunities)

Job Title:  District Music/Choral Teacher

Description:  Classes include middle and high school choral and elementary general music. May include Extra Curricular Stipends for MS & HS Jazz Choir. LIBBY PUBLIC SCHOOLS TEACHERS QUALIFICATIONS: Each teacher should have: 1. A minimum of a B.A. or B.S. degree with a major in the teaching area(s). 2. Verified appropriate certification and endorsements in the advertised position. 3. Appropriate academic preparation and successful teaching experience/student teaching experience. 4. A professional growth and career plan. 5. Knowledge of techniques that will provide for individual differences. 6. Knowledge to implement a program of classroom management. 7. Appropriate communication skills including a command of the English language and grammar skills. 8. Other qualifications as deemed necessary by the district for the specific position. PERFORMANCE RESPONSIBILITIES: Each teacher: 1. Plans, communicates, and implements a classroom discipline program. 2. Utilizes instruction techniques that are appropriate to the learner outcomes and individual needs. 3. Demonstrates a positive attitude toward individual students and subject matter taught. 4. Utilizes a variety of instructional media/materials that are appropriate to the learner outcomes. 5. Demonstrates instructional efficiency to insure the best use of time and effort. 6. Selects and clearly communicates appropriate learner outcomes to the students. 7. Regularly monitors and reports student progress. 8. Provides for quality academic learning time/student involvement. 9. Maintains positive and constructive communication with students, staff, parents, and community. 10. Encourages and facilitates work of other staff members in a supportive environment. 11. Provides immediate and appropriate responses based upon student needs. 12. Accomplishes goals and policies of the building and district. 13. Engages in professional development activities, e.g.: professional reading, staff development, college/university course-work, committee work, conventions, travel, etc. 14. Establishes an environment/program to meet individual student's needs. 15. Performs other responsibilities as assigned by the district.

Application Instructions:
Requirements: District Application Letter of Application Resume Transcripts Letters of Recommendation Certificate