Job ID:  26420664

Company:  Northland Community Health Center

Application Type:  Seeking Full-time (post graduate opportunities)

Job Title:  Dentist

Description:  Under the general supervision of the Dental Director, the Dentist is responsible for administering, maintaining, and expanding a program of primary (and in selected cases, secondary) care and preventive dental care in a community health center setting. Position Responsibilities: 1. Performs quality clinical and radiographic evaluations to diagnose and treat diseases of the oral cavity. 2. Promotes oral health by providing educational information on all phases of preventive and restorative dentistry and oral hygiene. 3. Reviews and follows all dental clinic protocols, policies, and procedures 4. Documents and follows treatment plans that include appropriate preventive and restorative therapy. 5. Manage medical/dental history with a comprehensive evaluation of the patient's general health. 6. Address all contra-indications pertaining to treatment and identify patient's chief complaint or reason for visit. 7. Maintain the baseline radiographs and any other radiographs necessary to diagnose and treatment plan the case.

Application Instructions:
Please complete application found at or submit a resume to