Job ID:  26421564

Company:  Ward County

Application Type:  Seeking Full-time (post graduate opportunities)

Job Title:  Deputy State's Attorney

Description:  Summary: Assists the State s Attorney in providing legal representation for Ward County involving the prosecution of criminal cases and legal representation in civil matters relating to the County and its entities. Essential Duties and Responsibilities: The following duties are typical for this classification. Incumbents may not perform all the listed duties and/or may be required to perform additional or different duties for those set forth to address business needs and changing business practices. Prepares legal documents and tries felony, misdemeanor, and infraction criminal jury and bench trial, and non-criminal traffic violations. Also, prepares legal documents for over-weight truck cases, represents the County is some child-support actions. Represent the County at various community involvements, law enforcement and legal boards. Perform legal research for the county and report findings to appropriate source. Prepare briefs and argue appeals to North Dakota Supreme Court. Prepare motions, briefs, and other pleadings, and try post-conviction relief matters. Prepare search warrants for Narcotics Task Force and other law enforcement agencies. Prepare, file and try civil asset forfeitures on seized property. Provide legal assistance to law enforcement agencies. Present educational forms to law enforcement agencies. Act as liaison for various government and law enforcement agencies. Draft criminal charging documents and file preparation. File and prepare response briefs in suppression and dismissal motions. Represent petitioner in Juvenile Court and mental health cases as assigned and attend Juvenile Court and mental health hearings. Supervises and mentors other Assistant State s Attorneys, law clerks and student interns. Acts as lead resource attorney for all legal staff. In the absence of the State s Attorney (illness, vacation or inaccessibility) assumes all duties, including decision making (in emergent situations). Collaborates on setting policies and goals. Recommend, assists in developing and monitoring department budget. Oversees, participates and attends assigned projects and meetings. Appear in District Court for various hearings and legal matters. Present evidence in preliminary hearings involving felony charges. Performs other duties as assigned or apparent. Assess existing cases in light of post-charging evidence, research factual and legal issues that arise in cases, speak with victims and witnesses and consult with law enforcement. Review investigative reports from law enforcement submitted for prosecution determine sufficiency of evidence available to file charges. Each week an attorney is designated as on-call. Persons may call that attorney from other agencies, e.g., law enforcement, for advice usually on an urgent matter. Negotiate with criminal defense attorneys through email, phone, and in-person discussions.

Application Instructions:
Tip to Applicants: Read and follow the instructions on the Job Announcement, the application, and any other requested item before completing and submitting your application packet. • Applicants can find the Ward County Application at the following address: . • Applicants must also provide, 1. Resume; 2. Three (3) professional references; 3. A non-law review writing sample; 4. Cover letter that clearly explains how the applicant’s work experience is related to the description of essential duties and responsibilities, minimum qualifications, and level of work experience. Applications must be submitted to human resources by the closing date. All other required documents must be submitted to Ward County Human Resources Department, 225 3rd St SE, Minot, ND 58701 or e-mailed to: by the closing date listed. Failure to send required documents will result in your application not being considered further. • Applicants must apply for a specific position within the County to be considered for that position. • Applicants who are residents of North Dakota and eligible to claim veteran’s preference must include Form DD214. Claims for disabled veteran’s preferences must also include Form DD214 and a letter less than one year old from the Department of Veterans Affairs indicating disability; claims for preference as the eligible spouse of a disabled or deceased veteran must include Form DD214, a marriage certificate, and a letter less than one year old from Dept. of Veteran’s Affairs indicating disability, or the veteran’s death certificate.