Job ID:  26424291

Company:  Burleigh County Human Resources

Application Type:  Seeking Full-time (post graduate opportunities)

Job Title:  Deputy Sheriff

Description:   Requires an associate s degree (or 60 semester hours of college credit) with a GPA of 2.0 or better from an accredited college or university validated by transcripts OR three (3) years of full time continuous active duty military experience OR 3 (three) years of experience as a law enforcement officer OR 5 (five) years experience as a corrections/detention officer. Requires applicant to have passed the Law Enforcement Exam with a test score of 70 percent or better. Testing information is available by calling 701-222-6669 (Burleigh County Human Resources) or go to: , go to the Human Resource or Sheriff s Department links for exam information. DUTIES & RESPONSIBLITIES Affects an arrest, pursue fleeing suspects, and effectively restrain a suspect with restraints, forcibly if necessary. Operate a law enforcement vehicle in a variety of weather related conditions and during emergencies. Perform rescue operations at accidents, emergencies and disasters. Load, unload and fire agency firearms under conditions of stress and justifiable circumstances. Gather information in criminal and administrative investigations by interviewing and obtaining statements of victims, witnesses and/or suspects. Determine reasonable suspicions to detail and determine probable cause to search and arrest when necessary. Prepare investigative reports and communicate effectively with other law enforcement officials, court officials and members of the public. Perform searches of people. This may include inspecting unclothed suspects and/or inmates, which may include exposure to body fluids and wastes. Perform searches of vehicles, mail items, and objects capable of concealment, detect and collect evidence. Transport and escort prisoners, detainees and committed mental patients, using appropriate restraints.

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