Job ID:  26424292

Company:  Burleigh County Human Resources

Application Type:  Seeking Full-time (post graduate opportunities)

Job Title:  Jail Nurse - RN or LPN

Description:  Essential Duties and Responsibilities: Perform sick call duties on a daily basis. Perform medication passes. Ability to interact with high-risk inmates within the Detention Center on a one on one basis with no Detention officer present. Conduct health assessments, lab draws and communicable disease screenings. Provides nursing services, treatments and diagnostic and preventive procedures appropriate for inmate care and safety interprets physicians orders administers prescribed medication applies surgical dressings and bandages provides emergency first aid care checks and records vital signs instructs inmates concerning discharge planning observes signs and symptoms during sick call reports reactions to treatments and medications as well as changes in the inmates emotional or physical condition Under the supervision of the Jail Nurse Supervisor directs and guides patient teaching and activities that commensurate with his/her education and demonstrated competencies. Serving as a liaison with medical providers to schedule outside medical appointments regarding the medical care of the inmate populations. Minimum Qualifications: Must be U S Citizen, 18 years of age or older high school graduate or GED certified. Graduation from an Accredited School of Nursing. Preference to those who have nursing experience in a correctional facility. Must have a current ND RN/LPN unencumbered License. Must possess a valid driver s license with no serious traffic violations, no felony or misdemeanor convictions.

Application Instructions:
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