Job ID:  26425766

Company:  Ward County

Application Type:  Seeking Full-time (post graduate opportunities)

Job Title:  Female Juvenile Detention Officer

Description:  GENERAL DESCRIPTION OF POSITION: This position is located at the Ward County Juvenile Detention Center, which is housed within the Ward County Jail. Duties at this level are performed independently with less supervision and incumbents are considered fully functioning detention officers. This job description is not a contract and is subject to change. A Juvenile Detention Officer shall perform duties associated with security, care, custody and control of juveniles in the detention facility. 2. DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: Note: The duties listed below are not intended to be all-inclusive. Duties assigned any individual employee are at the discretion of the appointing authority. Duties Performed at all levels include: Provide for overall security and maintain order and discipline. Supervise juvenile in daily activities. Conduct searches and daily head counts. Perform patrols of juvenile housing, recreational, work areas and facility perimeter. Provide for the safety and well-being of juveniles and ensure proper health maintenance and hygiene. Observe conduct and behavior of juveniles to prevent disturbances and escapes report observations to Administrator Process admissions of all juveniles entering the facility to include: ? Make an immediate assessment of juveniles to determine security and safety needs ascertain the disposition of juvenile requiring special placement. ? Conduct body search(s) ? Issue detention clothing, toiletries, and linens ? Verify and administer juvenile medications ? Obtain urine analysis ? Notify immediate family and/or required personnel ? Property and Money Inventory ? Documentation in daily logs ? Place meal orders ? Secure keys and restraints Conducts searches of all articles, juvenile property, and mail entering or leaving the facility, using specialized equipment as needed Manage specialized restraint equipment Conduct juvenile transfers and discharges to include dispersing money, medications, identifications, and necessary documents Communicate with outside agencies/entities to provide services to the facility and for the juveniles Assist in the training, development, and supervision of new trainee s Ensure juvenile compliance with regulations, memorandums, policies, and procedures Perform on call duties as required Interact with juveniles, including crisis intervention to assist in solving problems. Conduct room checks on juveniles and attend to requests, complaints, and immediate future needs Monitors building security and safety, operates monitors, door locks, and completes maintenance and building security checks Administers, verifies, and documents juvenile medications Supervises recreation, dayroom activity, programs, admissions, releases, appointments, work details, transports, and sick call Escorts and/or transports juveniles: court appointments, court hearings, recreation, library, sick call, medical appointments, counseling appointments, and other activities and programs Write/file reports as required, document in daily logs, write pass-ons, grievances, and assist in the completion of facility records Escorts, monitors, and screens for security purposes all authorized visitors verifies visitors for juveniles arranges, escorts to, and monitors visitation by sight and/or sound Distributes juvenile meals and snacks and collects, verifies, and logs all information Communicates with agencies determining juvenile status, court dates, transports, and releases Perform shakedowns of the facility Attend trainings and meetings Responds to facility emergencies such as fires, escapes, evacuations and natural disasters Must have an insurable driving record Assists in day to day operations of the facility to include but not limited to: ? Answer phones ? Mail distribution ? Office maintenance ? Supply inventory ? Laundry ? Communicate with the general public ? Office janitorial duties Administer CPR and First Aid Duties include completing a variety of recurring activities independently Working Relationships at all levels: A detention officer should promote teamwork and interdepartmental cooperation. Readily share information with other juvenile detention staff and resolve conflicts through the use of tact and diplomacy. A detention officer should be willing to accept and work well when given responsibility. He/She should be self-starters, eager to learn new jobs, take initiative, and constantly strive to improve themselves. A positive outlook should be maintained when interacting with co-workers and/or the public and frequent suggestions should be offered by the Detention Officer on how to improve their performance with a job task. 3. SUPERVISION RECEIVED/EXERCISED: Work is performed under the supervision of the Juvenile Detention Administrator. This is accomplished through a delegation of authority and expected compliance with established policies and procedures. Unusual or complicated problems and medical emergencies may be referred to the Juvenile Detention Administrator for further guidance or decision. The detention officer is expected to rely on his/her training, judgment, experience, and knowledge to resolve problems. Juvenile Detention Officer exercises no control over other detention officer s unless specifically designated to do so. Administrator reviews work as necessary assuring work progress, accuracy and task completion. Performance is evaluated through direct observation, review of assigned work, projects, and reports, and compliance with established policies and procedures.

Application Instructions:
You can find the Ward County Application here: Please send the Ward County application, cover letter, resume, college transcripts, writing samples and any applicable training certificates or requested testing results to: Ward County Human Resources P.O. Box 5005 Minot, ND 58702-5005