Job ID:  26425887

Company:  SWWC Service Cooperative

Application Type:  Seeking Full-time (post graduate opportunities)

Job Title:  Special Education Teacher

Description:  POSITION LOCATION: Southwest West Central Service Cooperative (SWWC SC), with placement at Project SEARCH in Marshall, MN. POSITION SUMMARY: To identify a student s strengths, interests and abilities related to job skill acquisition, job development and placement to facilitate job placement within an appropriate community job site consistent with the students interests and skills to determine and refer to appropriate community support services for training and successful employment to work with local business and industry to meet their employment needs. Recruit appropriate students with disabilities for Project SEARCH program (ages 18-22, last year of high school) Attend IEP meetings Identify internship sites within the host business so that students can participate in a variety of work experiences in order to build marketable, competitive skills leading to employment. Develop internship sites within the host business that will increase job specific skills, work quality and productivity. Instruct students to learn employability skills such as communication, problem solving, and teamwork, grooming, budgeting and self-advocacy. Provide universal design in the accommodations and adaptations needed at work sites. Develop work portfolios for each student to include credentialing of skills attained, letter of recommendations from internship sites, etc. Coordinate job coach activities. Develop linkages among other agencies to assure effective transition from school to work or from current placement to successful community employment. Refer students to appropriate agencies for support and services related to successful employment. Develop Summary of Performance Plans with each exiting student. Be knowledgeable of current best practices in the field of supported employment.

Application Instructions:
APPLICATION MATERIALS: Complete online application at and include cover letter, application form, copies of licenses (if applicable), college transcripts, resume, and two letters of reference. QUESTIONS ABOUT APPLICATION/REQUEST COMPLETE JOB DESCRIPTION/REQUEST AN ACCOMMODATION: Contact Human Resources at 507-537-2285 or