Job ID:  26426424

Company:  CrossCountry Freight Solutions

Application Type:  Seeking Full-time (post graduate opportunities)

Job Title:  Data Analyst

Description:  The Data Analyst is critical to the organizations success and growth. The Data Analyst supports our sales team with the growth of new and existing business through statistics and data. Analyzing and implementing pricing based on current market prices, company cost structure, business growth objectives and profitability targets are the primary functions of a Data Analyst. The Data Analyst must have a keen awareness of economic factors that can influence the industry, be able to identify opportunities to optimize profitability through price strategy, be an analytical problem solver, reliable, highly efficient, have the ability to multi-task and be a team player. Job Responsibilities Develop an understanding of transportation network and identify where excess capacity exists. Perform detailed costing analysis to develop pricing options to present to sales for customer negotiations. Use different pricing scenarios to rate shipments to compare net results. Perform revenue management and cost analysis for new and existing customers. Review shipping patterns and characteristics to identify opportunities for increased margins and/or reduced costs. Quote customers on new lanes when requested utilize internal and market tools to develop pricing proposals. Communicate pricing decisions verbally and in written form directly to the sales teams and customers. Proactively monitor the results of pricing decisions and revise pricing if necessary. Evaluate customer contracts to verify that all terms are within parameters set forth. Negotiate service contracts, including: freight rates, terms, and conditions. Maintain detailed records of completed pricing as well as customer agreements. Key skills and qualifications of a Pricing Analyst: The role of Data Analyst requires good reporting and analytical skills with the ability to interpret data. Strong organizational skills, detail oriented, possess a sense of urgency and have the ability to be flexible and work in a fast-paced environment. Must be able to multi task, learn quickly and adapt to change easily. Effectiveness in performing and managing assignments to meet goals within established guidelines and deadlines. Must be able to operate Microsoft Word, Excel, and Access and willing to learn new computer programs to assist with daily duties. Benefits: -Medical, Vision, Dental, Supplemental, and Life Insurances available. -Paid time off, paid holidays, paid community volunteer time, 401k retirement plan and QUARTERLY match.

Application Instructions:
Please visit our website at You will see a 'Careers' Tab on the top and select 'Employment Opportunities'.