Job ID:  26426923

Company:  Montana Recruitment Project

Application Type:  Seeking Full-time (post graduate opportunities)

Job Title:  Special Education Teacher- Lame Deer Public School District

Description:  LAME DEER PUBLIC SCHOOL DISTRICT No. 6 SPECIAL EDUCATION TEACHER QUALIFICATIONS: Must hold a valid Montana Teaching Certificate with endorsements in all assigned curricular areas. Complete District employment application Such alternatives to the qualifications as the Board may find appropriate and/or acceptable. REPORTS TO: Special Ed. Director/ Building Principal / District Superintendent TERMS OF EMPLOYMENT: Salary, benefits, and work year to be established by negotiations with the Board. EVALUATION: To be performed in accordance with District Board policy. JOB GOAL: By the use of teaching and motivational techniques will make education an interesting and enjoyable experience for all students. Teachers must prepare students for the world of work. PERFORMANCE RESPONSIBILITIES: Demonstrates adequate knowledge of subject matter. Demonstrates punctuality in duties assigned. Provides for the proper supervision of students. Prepares for classes on a daily, weekly, and yearly basis. Prepares all reports requested by the administration or by the school board policy as per established time lines. Establishes and maintains student behavior as directed by the administration and by the school board. Employs and demonstrates appropriate teaching techniques. Provides for the safety of students. Provides for the proper safekeeping and use of all school equipment, materials, and supplies. Establishes standards for the grading of students subject to the approval of the administration. Evaluates students work in a timely and efficient manner. Returns students work in a timely and efficient manner. Prepares students progress reports as directed by the administration. Conducts parent/teacher conferences as directed by the administration or upon parent request. Provides time to work with individual students. Assigns homework in a sufficient and reasonable amount. Instructs the curriculum approved by the administration and school board. Upholds and enforces administrative directives, school board policies, and state/federal laws. Keeps a complete and accurate student folder of all classroom work. Other duties as assigned by the Administration/& Special Ed. Director All proper documentations as required by MT OPI Special Education Laws Establish and maintain a positive rapport with students, staff, and community. Treat all matters of school business in a confidential matter.

Application Instructions:
email for more information and to apply.