Job ID:  26427257

Company:  Burleigh County Human Resources

Application Type:  Seeking Full-time (post graduate opportunities)

Job Title:  Building Maintenance Technician II with Under Fill

Description:  Duties and Responsibilities: Provides building and equipment maintenance involving carpentry repair, plumbing, flooring, and painting. Performs some electrical repairs such as: high voltage switches and relays, finding and replacing relays for electrical systems. Computer skills for DDC computers. Ability to read blue prints. Working on garbage disposals, dishwashers, and trash compactors. Provides ground maintenance such as mowing and edging lawns, trimming hedges, removing weeds, raking, trimming and fertilizing trees, planting flowers, and disposing of refuse. Provides maintenance of sidewalks including the use of a power blower, sweepers, and snow removal equipment (skid steer loaders, snow plows). Performs preventive maintenance of equipment, vehicles, and buildings. Be able to run scissor lifts. Working with chiller systems, hot water boilers and steam boilers. Chemical testing of boiler and cooling towers. Checking and testing generators and grease interceptors. Responds to inquiries and complaints in regard to the maintenance of assigned building and grounds.

Application Instructions:
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