Job ID:  26428653

Company:  Sanford Health

Application Type:  Seeking Full-time (post graduate opportunities)

Job Title:  Manager in Training

Description:  In this role, relocation is a requirement. Provides leadership, supervision and support to the Profile Coaches. Establishes and maintains advanced understanding of the Profile program. Assists the manager and other personnel with the daily operations, ensuring smooth success of a Profile store. Assists with inventory management, profit and loss statements and identifying opportunities for member growth and referrals. Helps to track program effectiveness including retention of members, weight loss averages, and revenue analysis with Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Demonstrates ability to train, organize, standardize and optimize workflow relative to delivery of care to the Profile members. Attends local and enterprise development meetings, mostly via virtual meeting rooms. Contributes to store business development strategies. Practices business development using up to date/best practices implemented by Profile headquarters. Introduces and effectively encourages prospects to attend orientation meetings. Understands the details of the Profile Plan in order to effectively encourage participation in the program. Possesses strong work ethic and dedication to continued learning, including participation in monthly staff meetings and obtaining required units of Profile ongoing education credits. Possesses computer skills including Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook and web navigation, especially the Profile Member and Coach app. Operates Point of Sale, member management and phone systems. Demonstrates excellent skills in customer service, enthusiasm, compassion, teamwork and empathy. Possesses motivational interviewing skills to retain member and assist them with healthy lifestyle modification. Skilled in developing trust and building rapport with current and/or potential members while supporting an environment free of discrimination and bias. Respects confidential information of Profile members and Profile business statistics. Provides one-on-one and/or small group coaching sessions to members of the Profile Weight Management program. Delivers evidence-based protocols, reinforcing the value of using meal replacement products for weight loss and weight maintenance, as designed by the Profile Clinical Advisory Board. Promotes the culture of learning as established by the store manager and Profile Headquarters. Mentors Associate Coaches and/or Coaches as assigned by manager, including regular auditing, sit ins, and 1:1's with consistent feedback. Follows up with Coaches as needed with development plans. Assists colleagues as an in-store coaching resource. Regularly presents education at staff meetings. Displays ability to take initiative. Responsible for the retail operations, coaching members and as well as other duties as assigned. This position will provide leadership/supervision and support to the Profile Coaches which entails training, organizing, standardizing, and optimizing of workflows relative to delivery of care to the Profile members. Assisting the manager with the daily operations of the center including but not limited to: inventory management, managing a P & L statement and identifying opportunities for member growth and referrals. The management trainee will offer university graduates and current profile associates a combination of practical hands-on training with professional development, mentoring, introduction of company culture and a comprehensive exposure of key metrics for store success designed to prepare them for a store leadership role. Bachelor's degree or six years of equivalent and applicable experience required. Business management experience preferred. Achieve and maintain Profile Coach Certification.

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