Job ID:  26436117

Company:  City of Harvey

Application Type:  Seeking Part-time (non-Co-op/Intern

Job Title:  Economic Development Intern

Description:  As Our economic development intern, your daily activity could include Functioning day-to-day under the direction of our economic development director, Paul Gunderson, Ph.D., Responding to email and telephone calls asking for information and/or advice about locating a business within the greater Harvey economic development area, Assessing property available for development, including measurement, and evaluating background information such as deeds, property surveys, documentation of eminent domain, etc., Meeting with business and industry clients who have expressed interest in locating within the greater Harvey economic development area, or Writing property descriptions, newspaper and radio ads, and monthly activity plans.

Application Instructions:
• If you desire more information about the City of Harvey, you may wish to visit our website – (note: it is currently under redesign!) • Please submit by U.S. Postal Service, fax or email your letter of application, a sample of your written prose, and your resume to: Ms. Karen Nordby, Auditor City of Harvey 120 West 8th Street Harvey, N. D. 58341 (701) 324-2674 (fax) • Submission date for receipt of materials is May 23, 2019.