Job ID:  26444560

Company:  Libby School District #4

Application Type:  Seeking Full-time (post graduate opportunities)

Job Title:  MIddle/High School SPED Teacher

Description:  ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS: Plans and develops course of study according to curriculum guidelines of District and state requirements. Actual curriculum must often be tailored for three or more levels of academic ability and previous achievement. Develops and presents specific lesson plans, using a variety of techniques, including lectures, projects, exhibits, field trips, audio-visual and library resources, computers, and the Internet. Prepares assignments and tests for in-school preparation and homework. Monitors, assists, corrects, and grades student performances. Conducts standardized tests in accordance with District policies and law. Maintains order in the classroom and, in conjunction with administrative staff, administers discipline when necessary to achieve proper behavior. May prescribe extra assignments or detention in cases of student misconduct. Shares with other teachers and aides responsibility for monitoring halls, study periods, and lunchroom. Counsels students when academic difficulties or behavioral problems arise. Keeps records of academic performance, attendance, and social acclimation. Reports on all aspects of student development for school records and parents conducts parent-teacher conferences on both a regularly scheduled and an as-needed basis. Consults with other professionals, where there appears to be evidence of learning disabilities, drug or alcohol abuse, or problems of social adjustment. Coordinates decisions with parents concerning any specialized intervention which appears warranted. Reports cases of suspected child abuse according to state law. Complies with Board policies, rules, regulations, and directives. Works with guidance counselor in helping student select course of study or college. Performs related duties such as sponsoring a student organization or activity. Participates in faculty meetings, educational conferences, professional training seminars, and workshops. Supervises classroom aides. Only minimum duties are listed. Other functions may be required as given or assigned.

Application Instructions:
Application Requirements: 1. District Online Application 2. Letter of Application 3. Resume 4. Transcripts 5. Certificate 6. Letters of Recommendation