Job ID:  26445419

Company:  Green Works Africa

Application Type:  Seeking Co-op/Intern

Job Title:  Early Childhood Program Support in Africa

Description:  Summary Green Works Africa Limited is an emerging Tanzanian company focusing on solar systems, sanitation, and clean water. We run an intensive community support program along with commercial activities. Details GWA supports village based early childhood development in Madale village in Dar es Salaam. This is a partner program with several business and NGO partners. The key focus is as follows: To Invest to Save the Lives of Children and Women, Invest in Good Nutrition, Invest in Better Hygiene and Sanitation in Schools and Health Facilities, Invest in Early Childhood Development Invest in Quality Education for all Children, Invest to Make Schools Safe, Invest to Protect Infants and Adolescent Girls from HIV, Invest to Reduce Teenage Pregnancy, Invest to Protect Children from Violence, Abuse, and Exploitation and Invest in Children with Disabilities. We tailor your tasks as per your study background and experience. The common day includes fieldwork in orphanages and nursery schools and office based work producing social media advocacy content and possible research tasks. BASICS: You receive USD 100 per month being about 2x Tanzania national minimum wage. Not much but some money here to spend as the cost structure is low. All International flights are personal cost as well as accommodation, meals, drinks and entry VISA. You do not need much money here for living cost. If you attend a safari, Mt Kilimanjaro climbs, etc budget from USD 500 to USD 1600 depending on various student options. Safety Tanzania is probably safer than your home place. Vaccinations: Only common shots as tetanus, hepatitis, etc. that you keep valid in any case Malaria: You can uses preventives but in case you get malaria it is a routine to medicate here. Medical services: Many clinics and hospitals with easy access and medication standard is good and cost nominal. Please take a common travel insurance Working hours are 6-8 hours per day from Monday to Friday and can be adjusted Web page: Facebook: Application:

Application Instructions:
Please email to Online Application form: Please email your Cover Letter, Resume/CV and unofficial study transcript.