Job ID:  25591549

Company:  Roosevelt Park Zoo

Application Type:  Seeking Co-op/Intern

Job Title:  Assistant Registrar

Description:  Assistant Registrar (1 position) The Roosevelt Park Zoo in Minot, ND is now accepting applications for an Assistant Registrar Internship. The Zoo is seeking a dependable, hard working college student interested in the zoological field. Intern will gain valuable experience in the administration and maintenance of up-to-date animal records, including but not limited to acquisitions/depositions, behavioral, medical, and other related records, assisting in the application for necessary permits, assisting in maintaining a complete and organized system of electronic and physical files, providing exceptional guest experiences, and contributions to conservation and science. This position requires a close attention to detail and will receive assignments from the Registrar. The weekly time commitment of each intern may range from 8-40 hours, scheduled any of the seven days a week, varied scheduled times ranging 8:00am-4:30pm in an 8 hour shift. Primary Duties and Responsibilities will include but are not limited to: 1. Assists in maintaining the Zoo s animal and institutional records database. a. Inputs appropriate data into permanent files, including animal births, animal deaths, observations, notes, and other pertinent information. b. Ensures data is logged in a timely and efficient manner. c. Ensures records are continuously kept up to date, organized, and complete. d. Utilizes the ZIMS record keeping program and paper files as needed. e. Maintains or exceeds all AZA and USDA standards for records management. 2. Assists Registrar in maintaining all applicable permits and other necessary documentation. a. Compiles documents and completes applications as directed. b. Maintains an orderly system for all physical files to allow easy access to any needed information. c. Coordinates with applicable department heads for any needed information/documents as required for specific permits/licenses. 3. Represents the Zoo and promotes its interests externally to the surrounding community, to zoo guests, and to agencies such as AZA and USDA as needed. a. Represents the Zoo s position and interests in animal conservation and other issues in a well-informed, positive, and responsive manner. c. Maintains a functional knowledge of and familiarity with the Zoo s animal collection as it pertains to the necessary duties of the position. 4. Follow all Roosevelt Park Zoo Protocol and performs other duties as assigned. 5. Will be required to complete professional development courses as assigned. Requirements: o High School diploma or GED o Current college student, Associate Degree or higher is preferred o Student in good standing, GPA 2.5 or higher o Acceptance into the program is contingent on passing a background check o Available to work 32-40 hours per week a minimum of 12 consecutive weeks Competency and Knowledge Requirements Ability to operate a computer terminal at a proficient level. Knowledge in the principles and practices involved in maintaining an organized and up-to-date database of records. Ability to maintain a close attention to detail. Ability to be an effective decision-maker and problem-solver. Strong interpersonal and communications skills, including verbal, written, and listening skills. Knowledge of Business English, spelling, punctuation, and arithmetic. Skill in typing with reasonable speed and accuracy as departmental needs dictate. Strong observation, analytical, and organizational skills and abilities. Proficiency in MS Office applications (word processing, spreadsheets, and database management) essential. Strong interest in/commitment to conservation, animals, and the natural world. Must be flexible, cooperative, and able to adapt easily to shifting priorities. Please note: o Internships are unpaid, and there is no reimbursement for transportation or housing o A valid driver s license is required All applicants will be notified upon receipt of all materials. Qualified applicants will be contacted for an interview after the session closing date.

Application Instructions:
To apply, internship candidates must submit the following: • Resume • School transcript, official or unofficial, and copies are accepted • Any related school paperwork to internship requirements • Cover letter explaining the applicant’s: o Goals and how this internship will help achieve those goals; o Relevant skills, activities, experience and/or classes; o School requirements for internship credit; o Start and end dates, and days of availability. For timely consideration all applications, materials are due: o December1st – Winter/Spring session o February 15th – Summer session o July 15th – Fall/winter sessions All applicants will be notified upon receipt of all materials. Application materials may be mailed, emailed or faxed to: Roosevelt Park Zoo ATTN: Renee Escherich - Internship 1219 Burdick Expressway East P.O. Box 538 Minot, ND 58702 Fax (701)857-4169