Job ID:  25934397

Company:  North Dakota STEM Network

Application Type:  Seeking Full-time (post graduate opportunities)

Job Title:  North Dakota STEM and AmeriCorps are Looking for a Web Developer and Social Media Coordinator

Description:  Help develop ND STEM Exchange feature and facilitate feedback for continuous improvement. Assist in utilizing digital applications to plan, implement, and evaluate ND STEM Network activities. Organize and enter digital content into online content management software. Assure content is current. Utilize Google Analytics and develop spreadsheets to track users and organizations served. Assist in identifying and writing grants. Help develop budget proposals. Help plan/implement fund-raising. Serve as contact to partner organizations, state agencies, institutions, and business and industry leaders. Manage contact data base. Manage social media presence. Enhance communications with graphical visualization. Present impact in understandable and usable message for all audiences. Develop marketing plan for ND STEM & Exchange that enhances contribution, utilization, and funding among constituents. Promote, register, and communicate with applicants to grant programs and statewide conferences.

Application Instructions:
Links to online application, AmeriCorps VISTA healthcare benefit, etc, can be found at the Online Application Address (;=true)