Job ID:  26038998

Company:  African Campus

Application Type:  Seeking Part-time (non-Co-op/Intern

Job Title:  Photojournalism

Description:  "This hybrid program has been developed in order to give you the opportunity to grow your experience in both photography and journalism. Move from an enthusiastic amateur photographer/journalist to an aspiring professional. Over the course of a month, students will accompany professional wildlife photographers on expeditions throughout the Garden Route in the Southern Cape of South Africa. Offers interns real world Travel Photography experience By popular demand, we have included tutorials and practical training on such aspects of photography as setting up your own business how to make enough money to start and keep going how to write a basic business plan to get you through the first two years ( the hardest years of the life of any business !) and most importantly how to market yourself and build your income streams in the field you love. Practical training is key and so we don t just talk at you. Our staff will guide you practically, step by step in the process. We will assist you to open the necessary profiles in the media industry to get you off to a flying start. This training, coupled with the practical experience of shooting within various wildlife and travel platforms, will enhance your career prospects, and some benefit from credits within their schools or colleges. For more information visit "

Application Instructions:
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