Job ID:  26039001

Company:  African Campus

Application Type:  Seeking Part-time (non-Co-op/Intern

Job Title:  White Sharks Volunteers

Description:  "White Shark Volunteer: During the program you will be entering the domain of the great white shark and experiencing what is arguably the greatest predator of all in its natural environment above and under the water- in a way that only a very privileged few get to do. One of the goals of the program is to show its volunteers how to raise public awareness on the conservation status of all shark species. What better way to do this than join the cage diving team and speak with clients as they get ready to meet white sharks face to face. You will also assist with many other conservation efforts including beach clean ups, penguin rehabilitation and small shark species tag and recapture. Get your hands wet, have an adventure, come face to face with one of the most beautiful and misunderstood species in the world. Volunteers join a leading sustainable eco-tourism and conservation-orientated company in Mossel Bay South Africa. Volunteers can expect an educational and exciting adventure through cage diving with Great White Sharks. Participants lead the company s education, conservation and research initiatives, whist experiencing the daily adventures and challenges of interacting with the charismatic Great White Sharks. For more information visit "

Application Instructions:
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