Job ID:  26117297

Company:  City of Sioux Falls

Application Type:  Seeking Full-time (post graduate opportunities)

Job Title:  Urban Forestry Specialist

Description:  Develop, implement, maintain, and communicate a comprehensive urban forest management master plan and related programming including, but not limited to, tree inventory and health, inspection, assessment, and permitting throughout the City park system and urban City streets. Performs tree risk assessments on trees in City right of way areas, and other properties. Works closely with other Parks & Recreation employees to resolve tree related issues discovered during tree risk assessments. Meets with citizens to discuss requests for tree maintenance/removal activities on City owned properties and in the Right-of-Way. Provides oversight to contractors for tree removal and trimming activities when needed. Incorporates GIS data of trees growing on City owned properties and public Right-of-Way collected by outside vendors and internal staff.

Application Instructions:
Apply online at Most qualified will be invited for testing. If an ADA accommodation is needed please contact, 72 hours prior to closing date, 605-367-8740 or