Job ID:  26118117


Application Type:  Seeking Co-op/Intern, Seeking Full-time (post graduate opportunities), Seeking Part-time (non-Co-op/Intern

Job Title:  In-home childcare

Description:  We are looking for a babysitter to watch our little ones in our home from around 8am-5:30pm for a portion of each month. We have a 3-year old daughter and a 19-month old son. You would have to prepare light snacks and meals and change a few diapers, but the kids are pretty easy otherwise. Pay is negotiable. This could lead to being a date-night babysitter as well if you are available. If you have experience with kids and are interested, please e-mail me a little about yourself, including your experience and salary range (prefer in terms of a lump sum at the end of 11-day period), and we can try to set up an interview.

Application Instructions:
Email Christina at